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Hum, Faith~

Faith, when do we develop it, when we are children,when we watch others, when situations arise? Faith is easy to define, complete trust or confidence in someone or something, but not always easy to walk in.

As a child, my father enjoyed going to the Arkansas river at night to fish and often it was a family outing. Sometimes it was just our family, but many times there were others that joined us and oh, the great fun we kids had playing in the sand and puddles while the men fished and the women sat around a fire, visited, and watched us children.

This weeks Forum Topic: Faith!

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Strong Determination -

The first time I heard this song it resonated truth that being married is not for the faint of heart.



Family Fitness in a Full House - Candace Cameron Bure with Pricilla Shirer


The Tale of Twenty Blueberries

Cooking lessons and much more with Addie and Jacie Potts ages 4 and 6. 

Family Memory Verse

"Coloring allows us to switch off our brains from other feelings and concentrate only on the moment, helping to lessen anxiety." Kevin Campbell

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